Maadhyam, Council for Mediation and Conflict Resolution has been established as an inter-disciplinary national body in India and registered as a society under the Societies Registration Act.

It is a specialized forum that comprises leaders and members of the bar and other professions related to conflict resolution, academics and experts from various parts of India. What binds them all together is their commitment to and active involvement in the concepts, processes and practices of conflict and dispute resolution over several years. Maadhyam is, therefore, a forum that coordinates the efforts of several individuals and organizations with a common aim and vision.

Maadhyam was conceived in 2016 by professionals and experts practicing in the various fields of conflict resolution in India including lawyers, mediators and academics who strongly felt the need for an inter-disciplinary body to engage with conflict resolution in a holistic manner at all levels. Maadhyam aims to fill the gaps of the dispute resolution infrastructure in India, whether in legislation, policy or capacity building.

Maadhyam aspires to play a leadership role in changing the mindset of society to alter the way it looks at disputes. The organization aims to create communities and professions that will look at disputes as a chance to strengthen relationships rather than damaging them. There are new dimensions, new situations, new arguments and new perspectives of conflicts that need to be amicably resolved.

Maadhyam looks forward to engaging with all those interested in mediation and conflict resolution in India and the world to understand, assimilate, utilize and synchronize the latest trends and knowledge in the field of conflict resolution. Maadhyame specially seeks to popularize, develop and offer alternative conflict resolution processes including arbitration and mediation as acceptable and appropriate choices.

Maadhyam has been established for charitable purposes only in the legal meaning of that phrase and its properties and income are held and applied only for those purposes.