Maadhyam’s Book Release: ‘The Power of Mediation’
Maadhyam’s Book Release: ‘The Power of Mediation’

Video on Book release on 23rd Jan, 2021

The book is dedicated to all those who have been truly selfless in healing the world that has been broken by the onslaught of Corona Virus and  has changed the world forever. When business and educational  institutions were all shut and we were confining in the safety of our  homes, these warriors were leading the battle against COVID 19 from  the front and they did this at the cost of not only staying away from  their families and loved ones but also risked their own lives. Infact,  many warriors laid their lives in service of humanity.

S. Ravindra Bhat

Justice Ravinder Bhatt -“ Sculpting of essays by experienced practitioners and mediators, arbitrators and lawyers is a testament to the stellar work that Maadhyam has done over the years. Infact, it’s a pioneering work. I am also delighted and overawed by the salutations for the Covid Warriors.”

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